The Media

In 1995 an artist friend introduced me to a new media he was experimenting with; holographic vinyl. Upon adapting this element as the main component of the creative process my work became focused on collage and mixed media incorporating the use of acrylic paint, gels, mediums and varnishes with metallic foil, paper, mylar and holographic vinyl; a material with a silver finish that reacts to light by projecting from its surface the spectrum of color, ranging from rich intensity to subtle pastel hues. At certain angles of light and depth the illumination appears to be lit from within, with the spectrum changing color and intensity as the light source or the viewer engage in motion, bringing an interactive aspect to an otherwise static work of art. In 2003 I developed a technique to delaminate CD’s by removing the silver spectrum layer from the disk and applying it to a surface, incorporating an aspect of luminous mother of pearl. While exploring, developing and evolving with these contemporary materials my work became less pictorial and moved into the direction of pure composition; abstract, often with a floral theme emulating a varied array of craft such as stained glass, mosaic, tile and jewelry. I refer to my body of work as “light reactive media”.